Sonia Scaccabarozzi

Sonia Scaccabarozzi
Sonia Scaccabarozzi
Sonia Scaccabarozzi


Sonia Scaccabarozzi, was born in Vimercate in 1969, now lives and works in Brianza, in Merate.

The need to express myself through drawing leads her to attend the Art Institute of Monza, where she has the great fortune to meet AG Fronzoni, Milanese designer and life teacher. After finishing his studies, he began to collaborate as a graphic designer with the Electa publishing house.

In 1996 he approached sculpture and the discovery of the third dimension is a real one

and proper revelation. A period of research begins that leads her to experiment with new materials; ceramic is the first of these, from jewelery to vases to large sculptures; in 2009 he created my first personal exhibition.

Over time, the wood starts to work, most of the works made

they are three-dimensional and with a strong chromatic impact; from clay to wood and from wood to metal: in 2014 he learns to weld and iron becomes "his material"; creates iron sculptures and installations that tell the story of everyday life, emotions, encounters, the moon, the wind.

In 2017 he published the first book "Imperfetti Equilibri".

In 2019 he introduced another material in his research, cement that works with paper; the idea is to give the graphic sign three-dimensionality.

Cement and paper, two opposite materials that allow Sonia to play with different shapes, colors and thicknesses. The works with wood and paper are part of a series entitled Trame; in addition to having a graphic content, the plots synthesize moments of life, changes, overlaps, encounters, crossed phases that leave a mark and that lead to the search and discovery of new plots.

Creative fantasy, imaginative frenzy, an irrepressible current of impulses, an infinite game of variations, experimenting with every possible configuration of form, grasping and enhancing every symbolic connotation of matter. Pindaric flights and games of associations, freed from the weight of gravity, but always anchored to the foundation, at the origin of matter. Forms released from the duty of function, but not emptied of the memory of the origin and symbolic consistency of the materials.

Graphics and design are, for Sonia Scaccabarozzi, only starting points for artistic adventures and for explorations of the poetic and aesthetic effects produced by unprecedented combinations of materials and shapes. A journey lived as an uninterrupted dialogue with matter, an artistic practice that interrogates matter and its vocation to generate symbolic connections, which calls the form to respond to its boundaries up to touch the horizon of its possibilities. In Sonia's works we encounter signs split from direct links with utility and functionality, but connected to the responsibility for beauty and the imperative of originality. Personality and sensitivity are the cardinal points that guide the direction of the artist's research work, but also a subtle humor and a touch of self-irony that returns an air of intelligent and conscious lightness. It is necessary to open up to the innocence of the smile - the sculptress seems to suggest us - her works, in fact, reveal a sort of therapeutic virtue: they stimulate positive thinking and the abandonment of attitudes of closure and psychological defense. They trigger a healthy, instinctive, openness to relationships in observers, inducing emotional serenity and ideal purity, perfect for making art a good social use and a moral attitude.


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Sonia Scaccabarozzi