Solo show of Arjan Shehaj
Text and curatorship by Marco Tagliafierro

Inauguration Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 11.00 am to 21.00 pm
November 19, 2021 - January 29, 2022

Via Pietro Maroncelli 14 - Milan

BIANCHIZARDIN CONTEMPORARY ART is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Albanian artist Arjan Shehaj (Patos, Albania, 1989).
Arjan Shehaj proposes the purity of gesture, a willingness to draw, a compositional simplicity that arises primarily from the need for discovery, where each line appears as an imaginary path in a journey begun long ago. Through a reduction of the artistic language to a sign, the artist's ultimate goal is to capture the pure concept and reality in its essential structure.
A knowledge of the means of representation that lead him to create realities that first of all are new for the same hand that conceived them, as if every time the pictorial surface was tabula rasa. Gestural paintings apparently irregular and chaotic, in reality impalpable representation of a controlled irregularity, through the representation and defeat of a mental chaos conceived as a universal condition, whose final effect is usable on the chosen surface.
These are simple lines that, with constancy and individualistic vision of the artist, come to be arranged according to a path of awareness and slowness and that, through a process of rigorous synthesis and cleaning of the surface, from hard and rigid become vibrant, thin and tender, thus obtaining a surface with structure and sensitivity, starting from the chaotic energy of departure. 
Each passage of the stroke becomes a slow happening, a fact that is revealed in the very act of completion, an astonishment that belongs first of all to the artist himself.
These are not mere abstractions, but free actions at the basis of this narration, in which the greatest human dilemma is immediately apparent: that synthesis between the beginning and the end, at the limit of an increasingly blurred boundary between imagination and reality, tradition and avant-garde.
Shahaj measures man in his primordial dimension, starting from the lines that unite him, from the geometric structure that becomes as clear as it is unreal, through an art that reveals itself to be essentially anthropometric, thanks to geometric shapes that live between the unreal dimension of the surface and the extension of real life.