Solo exhibition of Jacopo Prina
Curated by Domenico de Chirico

2 December 2022 - 21 January 2023

Via Pietro Maroncelli 14 - Milan

The work of Jacopo Prina (Milan 1971) expresses a strong critical intention through the use of pages from modern and contemporary art auction catalogues where non-cultural values prevail and dictate the law.
The papers, disfigured – scratched – reassembled, reveal and document a rebellion which, by recomposing the parts, materializes as a new work of art.

NICE PRICE decries the flattening of the system of art on to financial data.

By working on the pages of old auction catalogues, using diverse methods and techniques, the visual and semantic references are almost completely cancelled, retaining, however, the descriptions regarding provenance, appraisal and adjudication, the name of the artist and the date of creation.
The composition of the unstructured parts leads to the replacement of the original meaning with a work of new aesthetic value. New symmetries are born from instinctive gestures and sterile numbers. New shapes emerge through precise combinations of portions of pages or with simple tears.
The refutation of the catalogued artwork reveals its dramatic loss of value. This is replaced by a coherent conceptual and aesthetic proposal that seeks to reconstruct and rediscover the taste for art.
We are all part of the game, so we all keep playing. For example, creating economic value through a wellestablished system: create art to make money, with the act of purchase as an act of art.
Whoever exhibits or buys a work of art participates and in turn becomes a protagonist, with the declared intention of entering the re-evaluation cycle of the work of art itself.
Inasmuch as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder is looking at what functions, and the only value left is the economic one, then the act of purchase is an act of art in itself.