Alan Borguet
Vernissage Thursday, May 12 at 19
Jamaica Bar, Via Brera 32 - Milan

Representing the essence of the human mind, its complexity and contradiction through signs and shapes, color and matter.
This is the theme behind Pensiero Magnetizzato (Magnetized Thought), a reflection by Alan Borguet on the Freudian formula that summarizes the human being in three elements, Es - Ego and Super Ego, animated by a constant dynamic that makes them dependent on each other and at the same time irreconcilable.
A vision that the artist expresses starting from the geometry of his paintings, with a round or square base. The circle is in fact the symbol of the soul and of the immaterial, while the square is the symbol of matter and rational order. Borguet is young and comes from the world of graffiti and street art where the sign is a coded language. In his abstract compositions, the vertical lines just hinted at in the background represent reason - I, "the straight line". The material stains on the other hand evoke, in an apparently random drip, the laborious emergence of the unconscious - the
Finally, the circles in gold leaf stand out luminous and perfect, like the spirit - Super Ego, over the chaos of matter.
In Boguet's works, the perception of the human condition and the individuality of the individual merge into a form that is meticulously elaborated in every single detail, yet never loses sight of the substance of the whole. Profoundly inspired by the sign-like abstractionism of predecessors such as Carla Accardi and Dadamaino, the thirty-year-old Borguet is gradually making a name for himself both in Italy and abroad. He has exhibited in solo and group shows and collaborated in artistic research projects, such as the "Circolo dei Poeti", founded by the fashion brand Etro, or promoted by other fashion brands, such as Flexa di Fratelli Rossetti, Chiara Scelsi and Safe Milano.
With Alan Borguet and his Pensiero Magnetizzato (Magnetized Thought), once again the Jamaica, the historic city bistrot that has always been a meeting place for individuality and at the same time a cross-section of contemporary social life, becomes the spokesperson for a profound and universal message. A message that is also the symbol of a spirit and a creativity that Milan continues to firmly transmit from generation to generation.