Elegia dell'acqua
Elegia dell'acqua
Elegia dell'acqua
Elegia dell'acqua
Elegia dell'acqua


Water Elegies
Solo exhibition of
Palazzo Cicogna, Busto Arsizio

Opening Sunday 19 February 2023, 4 p.m.

'Elegy of Water' is the project Brigitta Rossetti has dedicated to Palazzo Cicogna, curated by Stefania Severi and promoted by 'Uno spazio per l'arte' in collaboration with the Municipality of Busto Arsizio.
From the interpretation of certain abstract forces: light, electricity, magnetism and gravity, the artist has experienced form in painting, placing water at the centre of this poetic flow, understood as a vital impetus, but similarly capable of distorting and eliminating every form on the planet.
As the curator emphasises, water is a 'magical' element that changes state depending on the temperature, passing from the solid dimension of ice to the liquid to the gaseous dimension of steam. In Brigitta Rossetti's works all these passages are depicted, as if to represent, even before water, an alchemic process of transformation.
The exhibition as a whole speaks to us of change, now climatic, now human, so that the absence of the human figure becomes an expedient for its inner analysis, evoking emotions, memories, fragility, isolation and aspirations.

In this contradictory/complexity, like a sudden dance in the thick rising waters, Brigitta Rossetti's artistic research unfolds, through the amalgamation and collision of painting, video, and installation.
In the exhibition, large paintings on canvas such as 'Projections' and 'Fragments of the Backdrop' guide the visitor through the rooms of what was once the home of the Counts
Marliani. The rhythm is set by the installation 'Not me' and three video projections alternating images and sounds, marking a new passage through movement.
The videos, "Postcard", "Ice Floor" and "Hermitage", are dissolved moments where narratives take place in very different places: a skating rink, steep terrain, the desert during a storm. The interpretations of the films open up multiple questions, demonstrating how every journey has neither beginning nor end and how every end can simultaneously be a new beginning.
The cycle of works on paper, "Before They All Fade Away", brings to the surface an instinctive painting, where erased forms, perhaps almost forgotten, are returned to the light before all traces of them are erased from memory.
Brigitta Rossetti's work is in fact a continuous process of creating and erasing or adding new layers, while retaining vestiges of what came before. A liquid painting, with stains that reveal animals,
defining unsought outcomes.
Finally, the installation is the most direct point of contact with the public who, only during the vernissage, will be invited to interact with the objects on stage, playing them in search of the primordial melody of their own selves.

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