Peggy Guggenheim


Peggy Guggenheim is one of the main characters to know to understand contemporary art. Reading the biography of Peggy Guggenheim was a real lesson of modern and contemporary art for Gaia Bianchi. Venice and Peggy Guggenheim are very close. On the occasion of the 1947 Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Collection was shown to the public. Today the Guggenheim Collection is still in Venice, in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. It houses paintings by René Magritte, Salvador Dalì, Pablo Picasso, Vasily Kandinsky and many other surrealist works of art, cubist art, abstract art, minimalist art and contemporary art in all its forms.

Gaia Bianchi co-founded BIANCHIZARDIN Contemporary Art, a gallery based in Milan. She curates Gaia Art Club, a video column where she shares her passion for contemporary art and gives advice gives on hidden corners of European cities where you can discover modern and contemporary art. 

GAIA ART CLUB was my way of experiencing the world of contemporary art, a world that initially alienated me rather than intrigued me. Contemporary art is a language that is not immediately understood and over the years I have understood that the only way to make a fall in love arise is through the attendance of those who produce it, collect it, study it, restore it and sell it. Getting to know people and entering their creative process were for me the key to a world that after years continues to intrigue me and feeds the desire to discover new places and new artists.
GAIA ART CLUB will take you to our artists' studios, select private visits to collections and exhibitions and explore the world of contemporary art following the calendar of the most important fairs and auctions.
GAIA ART CLUB will become for fans an opportunity for in-depth study and comparison. To those who think that art is an elitist world destined for the lucky ones, we will teach that collecting is a way of expressing ourselves regardless of economic potential and that living art is a process of personal enrichment that cannot be done without.