Art Basel Hong Kong


Art Basel Hong Kong turns into a large online platform:
One of the most anticipated events in the world of international contemporary art, eighth edition organized in Asia, was canceled due to the serious health emergency that it is upsetting the lives and work habits of many nations.

233 galleries participate for the first time in a virtual fair breaking down every barrier geographic and structural, an online exhibition of 2000 works of art for an estimated value of $ 270 million.

Almost all of the initially participating galleries joined this challenge catalyzes collectors and dealers through online showcases. Calendars of galleries, fairs and auction houses remain suspended and the impossibility to frequent public places changes the bond with their customers in an incisive way that for an indefinite period they will have to replace human relationships with technology.

As usual, Art Basel remains organized in sections, the Main with the most established galleries, Discovering for emerging artists and Insights dedicated to Asian artists.

This edition of the Fair also coincides with its 50th anniversary that will be celebrated in each venue with a project created by an international team of three curators who will work on the theme of the art market "historical place of exchange, trade and competition and as an intersection of different actors and forces. "

Nobody would have thought that a reflection on the exhibition path and its points of success or failure would have coincided with an epochal change like what we are experiencing. For Hong Kong, the independent curator Christina Li will give voice to all that touches the art world with an emotional and an economic eye.